Washington DC – US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a cover letter to President Joe Biden and released a video message showing how the Biden administration could begin expanding uncensored internet access in Cuba immediately, in protest organic against the 62 years of tyranny of the country under the Castro and Diaz-Canel regime continue. In his letter, Rubio also asked the President to direct Secretary of State Antony Blinken convene a meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States and convene an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Check out Rubio’s English video here AND Spanish video here. A quality broadcast video is available at English here AND Spanish here.

The full text of the letter is below.

As we have seen in recent days, the Cuban people continue their courageous and peaceful struggle for freedom against the oppressive Marxist regime Castro-Diaz-Canel. Unlike free people around the world, Cubans are regularly denied access to uncensored and open channels of communication, including the Internet. The regime cruelly uses its control over the flow of information to monitor and oppress its citizens. Now, as historic protests for freedom take place across Cuba, the regime uses its online drowning to silence key voices of dissent, shut down the ability to coordinate protests, and limit the Cuban people’s capacity to share with the world stage. to their brutal treatment at the hands of the regime.

In my letter to you on July 12 outlining the steps to be taken to support historic protests, I urged you to facilitate open and free internet for the people of Cuba. Without it, the Cuban people, who long for fundamental political and economic freedoms, could be more easily monitored, oppressed, banned and brutalized by the irresponsible regime. Bringing free and open internet will help the Cuban people communicate with each other without censorship and oppression and show them that the world stands by them in their quest for freedom.

In recent years, American firms have made significant advances in telecommunications technologies, including fiber-free solutions that can be deployed in remote regions in a relatively short time. For example, in 2017, during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the island of Puerto Rico received emergency connections via balloon-supplied internet. American technical capacity, coupled with Cuba’s physical proximity to the United States and its interests, make providing unrestricted access to the island an achievable and morally imperative goal. Today, American companies are ready and willing to support this effort with the support of the federal government.

I urge the administration to immediately authorize and allocate additional funds to secure the Internet in Cuba using the existing capacity of innovative American firms and available sources of funding. In addition, the administration should move to increase democracy broadcasting, Internet access and programming through the Cuban Broadcasting Office

I am also asking you to instruct Secretary Blinken to convene a meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States to address the ongoing situation in Cuba. Furthermore, the United States must engage in strong diplomacy to ensure:

  • A condemnation and call for an immediate end to violence and repression against the Cuban people, as well as the continuing violence, abduction and enforced disappearance of Cubans;
  • A statement in support of the Cuban people ‘s call for freedom, liberty and democracy;
  • Support for the rights of the Cuban people to protest peacefully and a call for the restoration of internet access and mobile service; AND
  • A petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to travel to Cuba and document the continuing violations of civil and human rights committed by the Cuban regime.

Furthermore, in accordance with Article 54 of the Charter of the United Nations, the United States must convene an urgent Security Council meeting to “keep fully informed of the activities undertaken or considered under regional arrangements or by regional agencies.” for the maintenance of international peace and security. “

Finally, I urge you to communicate clearly and publicly that it will be the policy of the United States to consider the arming of mass migration by the Cuban regime as a hostile act against our national security, which would face a swift response and suitable.

We are facing the very real prospects of a humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the Cuban regimes ‘violent response to the Cuban peoples’ demand to live in a country free from oppression, torture and communism. It is a moment that requires a decisive and meaningful answer.