ATC officially opens to provide a dedicated training space to its employees

The new ATAL (ATC) training center in Hong Kong is using technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality in its training programs to continuously enhance its engineering talent.

ATC is owned and operated by the ATAL Group, a leading provider of electrical and mechanical engineering (E&M) services in the territory. Founded in 1977, the group has operations in Macau, mainland China, the UK and the US.

Serving a wide range of public and private sector clients, the group offers multidisciplinary and comprehensive E&M engineering and technology services in four key segments, including Construction Services, Environmental Engineering, Information, Communications and Construction Technologies. (“ICBT”) and Lift & Escalator.

ATC is equipped with facilities including classrooms, a library and multi-purpose meeting rooms, to provide colleagues with a comfortable and practical training environment.

“Professional talents have always been the most important assets of the group and the industry. Therefore, we have been committed to providing many training and practical opportunities for our colleagues,” said Dr. Otto Poon Lok-To, Chairman of ATAL Engineering Group.

The training center, which has taken some time to realize, sets a milestone in cultivating the group’s talents, Poon said.

“In the future, we will continue to maintain New Technology, New Market and New Business Model strategies, and will strive to develop and introduce more innovative technologies, not only for business applications, but also for training. of talent, in order to promote the long-term development of the Group and the industry, “he added.

Use of innovative technology in training

Covering an area of ​​over 3,500 square meters, the newly opened ATC offers a dedicated training space for group staff.

One of its major breakthroughs is the application of VR technology in its training programs – the first in Hong Kong’s E&M industry. Through its VR platform, more training programs can be offered in a flexible way, making it easier for its staff to master the skills and complete tasks.

An area of ​​experience showcasing the innovative or self-developed ATAL Group technologies for its four core business segments.

ATC also provides an area of ​​experience that demonstrates innovative group-applied or self-developed technologies for its four core business segments, including IoT, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Mechanical 3D Printing Model, Electrical and Hydraulics (MiMEP), intelligent safety helmet, AI-driven platform, advanced buffer and high-speed governor for elevators. The experience area allows employees to learn more about group services and competitive advantages through interactive activities.

The ATC design has taken into account the needs of more than 2,500 staff. It is equipped with a library and functional multi-purpose rooms to strengthen the connection between colleagues.

Commitment to capacity building

Last year despite the pandemic, the ATAL Group provided training amounting to over 30,000 hours conducting webinars for its engineering talent. ATC will complement the group’s online resources and its ATALent training platform launched last year, which allows staff to review the latest course materials anytime, anywhere, both online and offline.

Currently, the group has developed 12 in-house training programs, covering ATAL familiarity; management division; professional technologies; quality, safety and environmental protection; BIM; project management; contract management; soft skills; information technology; enterprise resource planning (ERP); other professional skills, inter alia. The group also personalizes different programs according to the career development of different staff.

With the establishment of ATC, the group expects to move closer to the goal of providing 15 hours of training per person per year, aimed at the continuous development of its engineering staff.