Visitors explore IoT-related technologies during an exhibition in Xiamen, Fujian province. [Photo/China News Service]

China is at the forefront globally in developing the Internet of Things, leading the way with IoT infrastructure construction, and its industrial applications and exploration, a new report says.

The report, released during the World Wide Web Convention 2021 on Thursday, said China, despite the impact of COVID-19, maintained steady growth in the area last year, particularly by jumping forward towards the IoT economy.

“China’s GDP is expected to grow by more than 8 percent to reach over $ 18 trillion by 2021,” said He Xuming, chairman of the WIOTC executive committee. “The value of Internet production of things is projected to exceed 2 trillion yuan ($ 314 billion) in China by 2021.”

He told the conference that despite COVID-19, China has built nearly 1.4 million 5G base stations, marking a solid step in building IoT infrastructure. Citing the report, he said the value of IoT 2021 output is expected to exceed $ 8 trillion worldwide, with about 20 percent year-on-year growth.

The report said more than 600,000 industrial IoT application platforms and life service systems have been developed globally, mainly in areas including industrial and agricultural production and production, pandemic prevention and control, healthcare, transportation, electricity and energy and environmental protection.

He called for global efforts to build international technological standards to promote the development of IoT, suggesting that all governments, institutions, business associations and enterprises across the globe build together the digital economic market of IoT.

Li Bohu, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that in the midst of a new era of intelligent IoT, more efforts should be made to build a technological innovation system that brings together enterprises, universities, research institutes and end users, cultivating more talent. , increase policy support, promote the integrated development of technologies, applications and industries, and strengthen global exchanges and cooperation.

The Internet of Things White Paper on 2021 was also published during the convention.

“IoT not only makes traditional industries smarter and more environmentally friendly, but also improves product quality and makes the supply chain smarter, more accurate and more reliable. And that will drive new sources of economic growth. in the world, it will generate hundreds of trillions of dollar markets and create hundreds of millions of jobs. ”

Countries in Asia, especially China, are leading the world in terms of innovative development and practical IoT applications, he said.

In addition, all countries, institutions and enterprises must work together to promote the building of a global IoT network and a smart global economy, he added.

Su Tao, executive vice president of the WIOTC executive committee, said globally accepted technical standards are needed to facilitate the global interconnection of all things.

“WIOTC is committed to formulating the international rules of the IoT game … and will protect the country’s interests and the privacy of public life, thus realizing the global interconnectedness of all things,” Su said.

“We welcome government agencies, scientific institutions, social organizations and companies from around the world to join the International Organization of the IoT Convention … with the aim of promoting global interconnection of all things, empowering the innovative development of the world economy and society and contributing to building an intelligent and intelligent world where all things are interconnected ”.