TAL LAKE CITY SALT- (TELE BUSINESS) -Ivanti Wavelink, the supply chain business unit of Ivanti, announced today that it has acquired an industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform owned by the WIIO Group, one of Ivanti Wavelink’s innovative technologies and channel partners based in Paris, France. This platform acquisition will enable customers to have a 360-degree view of their IIoT devices, proactively identify and repair issues, and build scalable applications that boost operational efficiency. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Ivanti Wavelink is taking technology to further enable and secure the supply chain of the future. Supply chains have evolved constantly. Today, modern warehouses and distribution centers feature modern smart devices, including smart conveyors, sensors, cameras, robots, and cobots. The connections between all of these devices and technologies can be complex, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. Through this acquisition, Ivanti Wavelink customers will be able to easily connect applications to new systems, with low technical gap and quickly automate their IIoT devices and warehouses to optimize workflow operations.

Customers across industrial verticals, including transportation and logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare and retail, will benefit from real-time intelligence on the health of their equipment, enabling them to proactively detect and repair weaknesses. Customers will also be able to create low-code / no-code applications that automate or greatly enhance their processes, as well as offer entirely new capabilities. Most importantly, the high-level abstraction of the solution will allow customers to add and replace layers of technology without affecting the chain of events in the country. Customers will be able to integrate these innovative IIoT applications into their existing operations easily and smoothly, boosting performance improvements and operational efficiency. The platform increases customers’ willingness to make accurate decisions, helps them gather data on blockchain strategy, and facilitates predictive analytics.

“There is a growing demand from companies in all directions to ensure that their supply chain operations are at maximum efficiency,” said Brandon Black, vice president and general manager of Ivanti Wavelink. “We look forward to integrating our technologies and helping our customers further automate and secure their supply chain operations, improving end-user experiences and increasing productivity. It’s an exciting time to enter the IIoT market, and this acquisition allows us to become leaders in the IIoT business and transform our clients’ businesses. ”

“The robust IIoT framework combined with Ivanti Neurons will enable organizations to streamline their operations quickly and smoothly, reducing the risk of breaches,” said Fabien Dupuis, WIIO CEO.With real-time operational intelligence in their supply chain operations and predictive analytics, customers will be able to drive performance improvements by integrating IIoT sensors and automation technology in stunning ways. ”

To support our digital growth and transformation, we turned to the innovative, scalable, simple and efficient IIoT solution, ”said Mathieu Barthet, Chief Transformation Officer at General Logistics Systems (GLS) France. “Improved tracking of parcel shipments, combined with simplified use of collected information, has ensured greater efficiency in our operational decision-making. I am confident that the combination of the IIoT platform and Ivanti Neurons will continue to meet the strategic challenges and ambitions of GLS France, and help us increase the quality of our nationwide transport operations. ”

About Ivanti Wavelink

Ivanti Wavelink software enables organizations to utilize state-of-the-art mobile technology in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain to improve productivity, accuracy selection, and risk reduction without modifying back-end IT systems. Settled with 10,000+ customers on over 5 million devices. Ivanti Wavelink is part of Ivanti, which automates IT and Security Operations to detect, manage, secure, and service cloud-to-edge device. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has offices worldwide. For more information, visit www.ivanti.com/wavelink and follow @GoIvanti.

About the WIIO Group

Founded in 2011 by Fabien DUPUIS, the WIIO Group is a leading player in the French market as an Editor and Integrator Solutions. WIIO supports clients in the transportation and logistics, manufacturing, retail and healthcare industries by providing them with smart, innovative and ROI-oriented solutions to empower their business. Always at the forefront of innovation, WIIO works on the latest technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bring innovative, personalized and high value-added solutions to each of its clients. For more information, visit www.wiio.fr.