Water Works Technologies Group, LLC – Business Feature Water and LED Lighting
SmartPower ™ – Possessed technology, communication and control of LED lighting
SmartValve – IP-rich valve / fluid control technology for SmartPad instal installation

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ, January 10, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Hayward Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HAYW) (“Hayward”), the global designer, manufacturer and trader of a wide portfolio of pool equipment and technologies, announced today the acquisition of Water Works Technologies Group, LLC (“Water Works”), a manufacturer of aquatic elements by including water bowls and translucent waterfalls with LED lighting options.

This acquisition follows the recent acquisitions of two Internet of Things (IoT) businesses, SmartPower and SmartValve. Together, these acquisitions further expand Hayward’s leading position in IoT-enabled intelligent technologies designed to bring greater control and ambience to the pool, simplifying ease of use and cost of ownership.

Water Works produces a variety of water cups in both resin and glass in a variety of colors and finishes, as well as Sheer Waterfalls. These high-end water features all have color lighting through LED lighting options that allow the intelligent application to coordinate with the colors and other lighting displays of the pool, bathroom or landscape.

SmartPower is a state-of-the-art LED lighting controller that utilizes a proprietary communication protocol that makes the installation and control of multiple lighting areas in the pool, bathroom, water feature or landscape easy to configure and use. Personalized lighting effects and displays are easy to program, coordinating multiple water functions with the pool, bathroom and even landscape lights to effortlessly transform your entire backyard. Technology also presents a compelling financial benefit. This unique product architecture offers all control with less than 50% of the cost of using currently available technology. SmartPower is the cloud-based standalone control solution for any new or existing pool or as part of the OmniLogic® ecosystem, Hayward’s main automation platform for swimming pools and spas.

SmartValve is an active fluid management system for intelligent control of numerous advanced water features, in addition to providing increased hydraulic efficiency for pool / spa design. SmartValve will operate autonomously as the central cloud-based water distribution system of other pool equipment via local control or application. As with SmartPower, SmartValve technology will integrate seamlessly with the OmniLogic ecosystem. SmartValve will dramatically simplify the installation of equipment cushions with a simple multiple design while significantly reducing the amount of work and equipment cost for the pool installer and owner.

“These three businesses complement each other and further expand Hayward ‘s core technology solutions to enhance the pool, bathroom and backyard environment. They are perfect examples of leveraging new technology to deliver sustainable solutions and with energy efficiency in our space, “Kevin said. Holleran, CEO and Hayward. “SmartPower and SmartValve are both easy to use and less costly to install, a real win for both the homeowner and the trading professional. With OmniLogic and the merger of our new line of Water Works’ innovative water features, Hayward is leading the way with products that transform the pool and backyard environment.We are really excited to introduce these new game-changing product platforms to our customers and trading partners. “

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