Increases visibility and management of water resources and helps farmers improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability during their operations

ORBCOMM and Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

Farmbot is using ORBCOMM’s IoT satellite technology to help farmers across Australia automate their farming processes and save significant time and money savings by reducing their carbon footprint.

Farmbot is using ORBCOMM’s IoT satellite technology to help farmers across Australia automate their farming processes and save significant time and money savings by reducing their carbon footprint.

ROCHELLE PARK, NJ, August 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced today that Farmbot Monitoring Solutions (Farmbot), a leading provider of remote monitoring technology for Australian agriculture, has chosen ORBCOMM IoT satellite technology to enable their smart agricultural solutions, which help farmers improve the visibility and management of their water resources.

The Farmbot solution is powered by ORBCOMM’s global OGi satellite modem and Inmarsat ultra-reliable L-band connectivity to provide remote monitoring of farm water supplies, including tanks, dams and reservoirs, and real-time image capture. Farmbot’s innovative solution integrates with a wide range of sensors and an optional cable camera to provide valuable reports and analysis of trends in water, oil and water levels, precipitation, flow and pressure rates, valve leak signals or pump problems, drinking habits of livestock along with staff movements using a safety control module. The ORBCOMM-enabled rugged solution is designed to withstand farther and harsher climates and works across the Australian continent, including rural areas where mobile coverage is unavailable or unreliable, for maximum performance and coverage . By implementing Farmbot smart farming solution with advanced analytics, farmers can increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of their operations, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting more sustainable agriculture in the long run.

“We are excited to partner with Australian company agritech Farmbot to help farmers across the continent automate their farming processes and save significant savings in time and money,” Christian Allred, ORBCOMM Executive Vice President, told Global Sales. “Utilizing our most advanced Inmarsat L-band modem and ubiquitous satellite connection, Farmbot can provide its customers with valuable data and core business knowledge to better manage their water supplies and creating a safer, more profitable and sustainable farm, which is an important priority in our corporate social responsibility efforts. ”

“ORBCOMM’s advanced IoT satellite technology is a changing game for Australia’s agricultural industry by providing two-way communications across the continent for small farms in large multi-country agricultural operations,” said Andrew Coppin, Managing Director of Farmbot Monitoring Solutions. “Together with ORBCOMM, we are able to eliminate the need for farmers to manually monitor their water resources and put them in control of their aquatic ecosystems, minimizing unnecessary travel, increasing their productivity, reducing their carbon footprint and creating more sustainable results. “

Farmbot has begun deploying ORBCOMM satellite IoT modems in the field and expects to significantly expand deployment in the coming years.

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