MIDDLETON, Mass., 12 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced that it has named Entrust as a technology leader 2021 in the analysis of the globe SPARK Matrix IoT Identity and Access Management Market (IoT IAM).

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SPARK Matrix ad Knowledge Quadrant Solutions includes a detailed analysis of the global market dynamics of IoT Identity and Access Management (IoT IAM), key trends, vendor landscape and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of key IoT IAM vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix, providing strategic information for users to assess vendor diversification capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

The Internet of Things has a profound impact on the IAM market, as IAM providers evolve rapidly to accommodate the digital identity of connected devices. IAM vendors are constantly working to add hardware-focused capabilities to their existing IAM solutions to address specific IoT challenges, and are reorganizing their solution portfolios to provide unified IAM solutions, including integrated for employee IAM, customer IAM and IoT IAM solutions.

According to research “SPARK Matrix: Identity and Access Management (IoT IAM), 2021”, most IoT IAM solutions provide the basic capabilities to manage, deploy, and secure a wide variety of IoT devices in an IoT ecosystem. Solutions provide comprehensive capabilities including device registration and inboarding, identity lifecycle management, device lifecycle management, API management and security, device authentication and authorization, data sharing and encryption, centralized management of policies, configuration management and configuration, policy-based access management, management (device-to-human) relationships, certificates and key management, and event logs and analysis.

However, the breadth and depth of functionality may vary between different vendor offerings. Driven by growing competition and the emergence of a range of vendors with varying technological strengths, IoT IAM vendors are increasingly looking at improving their product and market strategy and overall technology value proposition to remain competitive. Key differentiators for evaluating IoT IAM solutions include IoT Specific Identity Management, IoT scale authentication, scalability and availability, data security and privacy, integrated IAM versus IAM-centered equipment, integration and interoperability, ecosystem strategy and expertise of vendor and field knowledge.

The Entrust IoT Security offer provides a solution for identity issuance during device manufacturing, for identity management through embedded agents, edge gateway and cloud services, and a less protocol support agent for maximum interaction between green and brown settings . Utilizing their over 25 years of expertise in PKI and cryptographic technology, Entrust’s IoT Security solution enables bulk and on-demand release of device scalability identities.

Entrust provides software and services to enable customers to verify device identities throughout their lifecycle, including registration, renewal, suspension and termination, with strong authentication and authorization management to secure devices, systems and applications. Key skills include:

  • Whitelisting devices to facilitate managed digital identities.

  • High availability and fast recovery including K8, CAGW and other technologies in the Entrust PKI group.

  • Ease of use and high customer ownership using security profiles configured on the web, UI & API driven registry extraction, multi-factor login and federation and turnkey installation using HSM configuration.

According to Divya Baranawal, Research Director at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions “Trust utilizes decades of industry authentication and management experience to deliver the industry-leading IoT Security solution that provides robust Internet security and identity management of Internet-enabled devices. Entrust provides capabilities for scalable registration and distribution of trusted identities, identity lifecycle management, authentication, policy-based authorization, and granular access control. The solution also offers extensive registration protocol support, full crypto availability, easy integration with existing applications, and enterprise-scale encryption technologies.“Divya adds further”With strong overall performance across all parameters of technology excellence and customer impact, Entrust is positioned as the 2021 technology leader in the global IoT Identity and Access Management (IoT IAM) market“.

“We are honored to have been recognized for three consecutive years for our IoT Security Solutions,” he said Jon Ferguson, Director of Product Management for PKI and IoT at Entrust. “We understand the importance of protecting the growing attack vector brought about by IoT devices and distributed workforce. We strive to provide trust-based scalable solutions to meet the data security needs of today’s organizations. . “

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