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Market Size of Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) – USD 2,361.6 million in 2020, Market Growth – with a CAGR of 9.5%

VANCOUER, BC, CANADA, November 8, 2021 / – The global market size of the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is expected to reach $ 4,899.0 million at a stable CAGR of 9.5% in 2028, according to analysis latest from Emerger Research. The steady increase in market revenue can be attributed to the increasing use of ANPR systems for security and surveillance purposes and applications. The ANPR system is a mass surveillance system used to read automobile license plates. ANPR technology is used in crime detection, prevention and cessation at local, provincial and national levels. In addition, the ANPR system is deployed by law enforcement agencies to provide evidence and lines of investigation in the event of a crime investigation.

It provides key details about recent product launches, technological advances, supply and demand ratio and regulatory framework. The report also provides details about market size, market share, revenue growth and CAGR during the 2021-2028 forecast period. The report also provides key insights about key companies in the market, along with a comprehensive SWOT analysis, Porter Five Force analysis and feasibility analysis to offer readers a competitive edge. The report focuses on the latest trends, challenges and key opportunities, as well as the limitations associated with the ongoing pandemic.

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Objectives of the study:

To provide an exhaustive analysis of the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) by function, by type, by application and by region.

To provide comprehensive information on the factors influencing market growth (leaders, constraints, opportunities and industry-specific constraints)

Evaluate and forecast micro-markets and the overall market

To predict the size of the market, in the main regions – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa.

To record and evaluate the competitive landscape map – product launches, technological advances, mergers and expansions

Object of the report: Market of Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR).

The report provides detailed information on the market dynamics of the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) market. It provides SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and Porter Five Force analysis to provide a better understanding of the Automated License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) Market, competitive landscape, factors influencing it and predicting industry growth . It also offers the impact of various market factors along with the effects of the regulatory framework on the growth of the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) Market.

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Interpretation perspective:

The study provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of the global market of automatic license plate recognition system (ANPR). Data are collected through rigorous primary and secondary research and validated and further verified through veterans and industry experts. The Automated License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) Market Report begins with basic market information such as definitions, applications, classifications, value chain analysis, among others, to facilitate a better understanding among readers.

Leading companies in the market for automatic license plate recognition system (ANPR) include:

Siemens AG, ARH Inc., Neology Inc., Kapsch TrafficCom, Genetec Inc., TagMaster, Conduent Inc., Bosch Ltd., Q-Free ASA and Vigilant Solutions Inc.

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Our free sample report includes:

Introduction, Summary and in-depth industry analysis of the updated 2020 report

Includes analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak

Search Report (Including Updated Searches)

Give instructions according to the chapter regarding the application

Updated regional analysis 2020 with graphical representation of size, segmentation and trends

Includes updated list of tables and figures

Smart performance for the Automated License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) market region industry.

The North American Automated License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) market forecast is expected to remain significantly positive in terms of revenue share between 2020 and 2028. In addition, the market share of the Automatic Recognition System The North American Platform (ANPR) is expected to remain relatively larger than that of other regional markets from 2020 to 2028.

Asia Pacific recorded the fastest CAGR revenue in 2020, and the Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) forecast is that this trend is expected to continue. The market forecast says that the revenue share contribution from China, India and South Korea is expected to remain strong until 2028.

The European Automated License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) market forecast is currently positive, with revenue growth expected to remain stable between 2020 and 2028. Strong focus on research and development initiatives by large firms and change of trends and demographics in countries in the region are several factors expected to continue to support the market growth of the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR).

Emergen Research has segmented the global ANPR system market by component, type, application and region:

Component perspective (revenue, billion dollars; 2018–2028)



Outlook Type (Revenue, Billion Dollars; 2018–2028)

Fixed ANPR system

ANPR mobile system

ANPR portable system

Application Outlook (Revenue, Billion Dollars; 2018–2028)

Traffic Management

Electronic Tax Collection

Law enforcement

Access control

Parking management

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Here are the questions we answer …

Who are the distributors, traders and traders of this market?

What are the sales and revenue estimates for the leading manufacturers in this market over the forecast timeframe?

What are the future opportunities reserved for vendors operating in the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR) market?

What are the market opportunities and risks that affect the performance of vendors in the global market of automatic license plate recognition system (ANPR)?

What does the competitive landscape look like?

What evolving technologies are believed to affect the market performance of the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ANPR)?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Methodology & Resources

1.1. Market definition

1.2. Field of Research


1.4. Search Resources

1.4.1. PRIMARY

1.4.2. Medium

1.4.3. Paid resources

1.5. Market Valuation Technique

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1. Summary photo, 2020-2028

Chapter 3. Key Overviews

Chapter 4. Market segmentation and impact analysis of the ANPR system

4.1. Market segmentation analysis of ANPR system material

4.2. Industrial Perspective

4.2.1. Analysis of market indicators

4.2.2. Analysis of market leaders Increasing use of the ANPR system in security and surveillance Increase government funding for the intelligent transport system Growing focus on smart city development

4.2.3. Analysis of market constraints License plate design mismatch

4.3. Technological insights

4.4. Regulatory Framework

4.5. Analysis of the Five Porter Forces

4.6. Competitive metric space analysis

4.7. Price trend analysis

4.8. Impact analysis of Covid-19

Chapter 5. ANPR System Market According to component knowledge and trends, revenue (billion dollars) continuous…

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